Cara Mia lannieli Lowe opened the Cara Mia's business using a family mozzarella recipe created in Italy more than 80 years ago by her grandfather, Nicola lannielli. Nicola began a cheese business in New York and later moved to Dunmore, Pennsylvania, where he and his family opened lannielli's market. With his passing, Cara's uncle Vito took over the family market and continued the tradition of making cheese. When Vito passed away, lannielli's market closed, but the tradition was still continued by Cara's father Danny. Danny continued making the mozzarella cheese for holidays and special occasions. It was during this time that Cara discovered her own desire to learn this tradition from her Dad. Cara enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York to fine tune her skills. Upon her graduation, Cara worked at various establishments learning different techniques and aspects of the culinary field.

In 1995, Cara Mia's (which means "my dear" in Italian) Gourmet Delicatessen & Pizzeria was opened on the basis of strong family traditions, values and hard work by Cara and her husband, Chris Lowe. In the beginning, it was difficult to illustrate to customers the difference between homemade mozzarella and that which they were used to eating. Cara knew that once people tried it, they would love it. And love it they did, and continue to do so.

Cara Mia's celebrated their 20th Anniversary in 2015. During that time, the deli has won numerous awards, including Best Lunch, Best Vodka Sauce, Best Deli, and Best Hoagie. Cara was named among the top 25 women in business in NEPA and has many articles written about her. All of this would not have been possible without YOU, the customers, as well as the devoted and helpful staff.

To be continued...

Three generations of cheese making

Pictured here is Cara Iannielli Lowe (third generation) proudly standing in front of one of her favorite photos. In the picture displayed above is (from right) Nicola Iannielli, Cara's grandfather (first generation), Donato Iannielli, Cara's father, and Vito Iannielli, Cara's uncle (second generation).